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IBAN account construction mandatory as of 01/06/2014
Pursuant to the provisions of the Decision on Opening of Transaction Accounts dated 1 June 2014, the IBAN account construction shall be mandatory data for denoting a payer's and a payee's transaction account on the national payment orders. For details click here..
Security Recommendations
1. Recommendations for the Security of Internet Payments
In keeping with the Recommendations for the Security of Internet Payments as published by the European Central Bank, and the recommendations of the Croatian National Computer Emergency Response Team (www.cert.hr) for promoting and keeping internet security in the Republic of Croatia, Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA) would also like to draw the attention of their customers to the necessity of raising the awareness of IT security and technologies when using the Internet.
2. Recommendations for protecting PC
3. www.antibot.hr
Notice to users of RBA token device
Please be informed that users of RBA iDirekt with token authorization are required to enter one-time password additionally when signing the payment orders. For details click here.
New Java version
New Java version is announced for April 15th 2014. If you receive an error message 'Applet nije učitan' during log in process, it is necessary to initiate an update of Java as instructed on the following link. After upgrade, please, restart your browser.
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