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Important warning - Suspicious e-mail messages!
Please be warned that there have been suspicious e-mails recently. Detailed information is available at this link.
Important changes - New application for use of the RBA iDIREKT service for business entities

Additional information on the important changes and functionalities of the new iDIREKT are available on the following link.
Please, note that as of 01.01.2015. the new HZZO contribution account numbers have been in use:
Mandatory Health Insurance HR6510010051550100001
Supplemental Health Insurance HR3310010051550200002
Java error "Applet nije učitan"
In case of the error "Applet nije učitan" occuring, be sure to check whether You are using the latest version of Java support. Detailed information on installation, upgrading, and configuring Java are available in the Java Installation and Configuration Guide.
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